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The Groom Studio is located at 17 Kings Road, Fleet, GU51 3AA and was first established in 2008 by K9 Matters. Our aim is to create a salon that is welcoming and highly professional, and for all dogs to go home comfortable and relaxed as possible!

Our promise is that your dog will be groomed to the highest possible standard! If you have a short coated dog, it will be thoroughly cleaned and removed of any dead coat; if you have a high maintenance coat, it will look superb; if you have a matted dog, it will be sympathetically restored - and all cases, your dog will go home feeling and smelling great!

Most dogs will enjoy the attention but some can be nervous at first and will need time and patience to become accustomed. On these occasions, we will proceed at a pace determined by your dog. We encourage you to help your dog too with comprehensive advice and homework.

A good groom is never cheap
A cheap groom is never good!

Marina and Chris are the proud owners of the Groom Studio, which opened July 2014! They are substantially qualified by practical application with comprehensive canine knowledge and have turned their unique talent and passion into a fulfilling career!

Puppy Package

Most puppies will require some sort of regular grooming and should visit the salon as soon as possible. With appropriate handling puppies usually adapt very quickly and are happy to be groomed!

Our puppy package commences with their first ever visit and expires on their first birthday. The package includes 5 grooms, 10 nail trims and microchipping. The package is worth £235.50 individually but will only cost you £185.50 - you save £50

Pop-in Services

  • Nail Trim - £7.50
  • Ear Clean - £7.50
  • Minor De-tangle £7.50

Bathing Only Services

  • Small - from £20
  • Medium - from £30
  • Large - from £40
  • Very Large - from £50

Full Grooms - from £30

    Includes all (if appropriate):
  • Moderate De-Matting
  • Bath & De-Shedding
  • Hand Striping
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Clean
  • Clip or Scissor to Breed Standard

As usual, these prices are based on dogs properly maintained between regular appointments. If you have (or have inherited) a dog that needs training or is in poor condition, it will be difficult to determine an exact price due to the variable needs of each individual dog so in this case an hourly rate of £25 per hour is applied. Please budget between 1.5 and 2.5hrs!

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm and weekends by appointment only. If you wish to book a groom you can email or call: 01252 811411 / 07880 713355.

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